HTC Rhyme Contracts

HTC Rhyme

HTC   has been a worldwide leader in cell phone technology, and with smartphones becoming all in one devices, HTC has taken that approach but focused more on the music side of things with their release of the HTC Rhyme smartphone. Sold with specialized headphones, it’s easy to see why this is geared toward the music lover in all of us and is one of the most popular choices amongst the HTC smartphone contracts. It also comes with a docking station to play your music to a wider audience. The smartphone itself is a pocket sized, with a 3.7 inch screen to surf through your music library or perhaps look up some potential new tracks online. Even though the smartphone is built with a single processor, it’s a very fast 1 GHz that will make it lightning fast surfing just the phone or on the Internet. It’s sleek design keeps it one of the thinnest smartphone out there, able to pack 4 gigabytes into it’s thin one piece design. There is even an expansion microSD slot for added memory if necessary.

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HTC Rhyme

More Compatibility is Just One Thing You Can Expect From the Best Contract with a HTC.
The camera offers 5 megapixel captures for both picture and movie mode, and with the different connection options, you can wirelessly stream media to your TV through DLNA. The HTC Rhyme is a smartphone, but more of a condensed smartphone. It offers easy use of the Internet, GPS, many of the basic smartphone features but in a smaller package. While not as powerful as some of it’s competitors or even other HTC phones, the Rhyme can be purchased for a much cheaper price, and maintained on a monthly contract usually cheaper than other smartphones out on the market. It won’t have as much heavy use when compared to other smartphones and will have less data usage back and forth. Because of this, a monthly contract will be less expensive than one of it’s closely related products. Less data usage will result in less to pay for. Getting an HTC Rhyme on contract can be a great alternative or entrance into the world of smartphones. The Rhyme is primarily focused on the music side of smartphones, and while the HTC Rhyme could be a heavy downloading device, it will be easy to control and keep under control. If the user is looking for more with a smartphone, an upgrade to another HTC phone is easy to do, because the operating software is similar on all their smartphones.

HTC Rhyme-3When Samsung first entered the smartphone market, their first major product was the Samsung Galaxy which is available on contract. This smartphone helped establish and become the staple of the Samsung contract phones product line. It helped launch multiple Galaxy models, and a mobile tablet line as an offshoot. The Galaxy became to Samsung what the iPhone was to Apple. The mention of the Galaxy phone always was associated with Samsung, and soon became one with the brand name when it came to mobile phones.

Samsung got started with smartphones by joining the Open Handset Alliance. The Open Handset Alliance was founded by Google with the intention of having electronics industry leaders in agreement that they would have open standards on the mobile electronic devices they were creating. Open standards basically means that code would be open source, and allow for integration amongst different brands for hardware and software. This combination of hardware or software is commonly referred to as Android. Samsung’s first smartphone, the Galaxy, was launched with this mindset. The hardware boasted a 40 gigabyte storage, almost unheard of for something so large in a mobile phone. Along with the amount of memory, a user had a 5 megapixel camera with built in flash, along with Wifi and GPS capabilities. This phone was a huge splash into the smartphone market, and it wasn’t because of the size of the phone. The smartphone wasn’t any larger than any of it’s competitors.

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By browsing through the deal finder and comparison tables on this Website you can make it much easier to get a great deal on a Samsung Galaxy on contract from any of the Uk mobile phone networks.

HTC RhymeSince the Galaxy smartphone was using Android software, and this software was originally developed by Google, it came preloaded with a variety of different Google applications and features. Basically whatever a user would do on a computer machine with Google, they could now do in the palm of their hand. Samsung was able to put the phone on a couple of different providers, so users were quick to secure a Samsung Galaxy on contract. The price of the phone was comparable to that of the iPhone, and the service providers were left to duke it out when it came to minutes and data usage. The Galaxy was able to surf the Internet with ease, able to browse, download music or video, or watch online clips with no problem. Depending on the contract, it would allocate a certain amount of data usage to enjoy all this. Perhaps the best part of this was the ability to view and surf on such a large, crystal clear touch screen.

The Galaxy was just the beginning for Samsung. As mentioned before, it has helped launch different models such as the Galaxy S on contract based on the Galaxy series, appealing to a wide range of customers of Samsung. The Galaxy S was soon updated with the launch of the Galaxy S2 on contract which has been Samsung’s most successful handset to date. This crown may possibly be taken by the Galaxy Note which is the latest addition to the Galaxy Family. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus on contract is likely to be avery popular smartphone throughout 2012. Also the tablet is based off the Galaxy hardware, just improved for its size. The future looks bright for Samsung. With a reliable product, the consumer just needs to find the service provider and plan to take advantage of the Galaxy or any of it’s offshoots. With constant improvements and features with each new model, it’s easy to see why securing a monthly contract with a Samsung product is a great idea.

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