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While it seemed Samsung had peaked with their Galaxy S, they wouldn’t be complacent. Samsung released the Galaxy S2 in February of 2011, with a radically different look and improved hardware. At the time of it’s release, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of if not the slimmest smartphone on the market. It also lost it’s curves, going for a more angular design with rounded edges. Along with this Samsung increased the screen size, going up to 4.3 inches in viewing capability. But inside, there was large difference as well. Samsung added an extra processer, along with doubling the RAM to a gigabyte. The camera got upgraded as well, at 8 megapixels and a standard flash on all models, and an included front camera for video phone calls or conferences. There was also HDMI output supported to help display the high definition media it records. The battery was also replaceable, and giving up to 10 hours of heavy use out of it. Samsung upgraded the screen material to Gorilla Glass, a high impact and scratch resistant with a coating to help reduce fingerprints.

Many of the things users got comfortable with in terms of software and functionality were still found on this new model. But since the processor became dual core, there was a new opportunity to add new features to be able to take advantage of the capabilities. Games suddenly became more in-depth graphically, allowing for a more in game experience as well. Also there is a widget to help connect you to music, the Samsung Music Hub which gives you access to over 13 million different tracks. But while the Galaxy S2 helps appeal to the creative side of people, it is also very business orientated.

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Samsung Galaxy S2

It comes ready to synch with Microsoft Exchange to securely retrieve and send emails. Along with secure email, you can synch it with other applications and phones, all configured with high security. There is also a VPN connection built in by Cisco. The VPN allows to remotely connect via a safe, encrypted network connection to any device configured. So with the Samsung Galaxy S2, a user can have his phone for business and pleasure. Besides these special features, the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with the standards such as 3G, Wifi, and Bluetooth connections, connectors, GPS, and video playback codecs. You can ensure that you won’t be missing out on anything with this device.
Like the Galaxy before and other phones, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy S2 to multiple telephone providers, allowing them to target a wide audience. The variants saw minor differences among them. The Galaxy S2 had many positive reviews, many critics calling the smartphone the best one yet. Securing one of the Samsung Galaxy S2 deals on any of the networks will be a great investment, especially a long term one as Galaxy upgrades the software routinely. You’ll be getting a way to stay close to our friends, to the office, all for a reasonable monthly price.

Samsung offer a range of great mobile phones available on a variety of contract plans. They are one of the most popular smartphones on contract that are available in the UK. Samsung contract mobile phones have proved very popular with UK consumers. The range of mobile manufactured by Samsung include the massively popular Samsung Galaxy range of mobile phones as well as new models such as the Samsung Nexus.

Samsung have recently taken over from Apple as the leading retailer of smartphones worldwide. This is in a large part due to the broad range of mobile phones that they offer. Samsung contracts are available at a variety of price points depending on the particular mobile in question nd the contract package that you opt for.

To get a new samsung mobile phone on contract simply browse the available handsets and then select the contract plan that most suits you. All of the contracts are makable monthly and run for a minimum of 12 months. the longer the contract that you sign up to the cheaper the initial cost of the handset.

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Use our nice and clear comparison table to compare the features and costs across all of the available samsung contracts. You can compare either specification for individual phones and you can compare one samsung mobile phone against another as well as compare a samsung mobile against a mobile from a different manufacturer. this gives you total comparison flexibility and hopefully will make it easier to identify the best deals that might suit you when you look for a new samsung on contract mobile phone.

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The latest smartphone to be released by Samsung is the Galaxy nexus. This feature packed smartphone is likely to be a huge hit. It is available on a number of contract plans. To view the various Samsung Galaxy Nexus contracts visit that section. Before the nexus was released the most popular smartphone from Samsung was the Galaxy S. You can view the variety of samsung galaxy s contracts on our Galaxy S page. For those looking for an even more advanced smartphone then a popular choice is the Galaxy S2. There are a number of Samsung Galaxy S2 contracts available as well and of course you can view them in our S2 contracts section.

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For those who want to buy a samsung smartphone but do not want to pay a premium price for the very latest handset there are some great deals available on the original Samsung Galaxy handset. You can still get Samsung Galaxy contract smartphones and the price is very attractive. The original galaxy is one of the phones we feature in our cheap smartphone contracts section along with a range of other cheaper smartphone handsets.