Argus by Azumio: Your Mobile Health Watcher


E  ver wonder what it would be like to have a dietitian, nutritionist and trainer at the same time? Well, if you own an Apple device don’t have to look farther than the App Store . Introducing the Argus, which turns your iPhone into a health and fitness device as it monitors your daily activities. It sees to it that you get the right amount of calories, hydration, work outs and sleep. It checks your weight and vitals and gives you numerous bio-feedback which will definitely promote your well-being.

Argus by Azumio

Argus is a user friendly application with a well-designed interface. After registration, you are then taken to your timeline which contains an overview regarding your activities, food consumption and other details not only about today, but also in the past week. The design is that of a beehive, containing numerous honeycombs. Once you add more activities to your timeline, more of these honeycombs pop up. It gives you access to everything regarding the app, the settings, adding activities, your daily goals and an option to open the camera to take pictures.


The app tracks down numerous aspects of your daily life, which include the steps you have taken, the cups of coffee and water you drank, the time spent sleeping, running time and body weight. Argus makes use of the iPhone’s pedometer to record the number of steps you have taken, as well as the number of calories you have burned. When riding a bicycle, it uses the GPS to track your route and calculate the digits. You are also able to manually input the data for all the activities mentioned above. However, the app requires you to put your device into sleep mode by using the built-in lock button. However, if you close the app or turn the device off, Argus may not be able to track your activities but it does let you know by using the notifications feature.

The abovementioned information would be useless without the statistics to back them up. There are graphs with numerals that show how many steps you have taken daily. There is a predetermined 10,000 steps numeral on the top of the graph, but hey, I wish you the best of luck in reaching that goal. Argus gives you goals on walking, sleep and the amount of water consumed.

Social Networking

Argus by Azumio

Just about every application currently in the App Store, Argus gives you the option of sharing your stats online in social networking sites, primarily, Facebook. The app allows you to set your privacy settings, which fortunately gives you the option of whom to share the results with.

Overall, Argus is an awesome app to have, the downside however is that it isn’t really backed up by a doctor and the results are hardly scientifically valid, however, nothing beats it since it makes you more conscious with your health and daily activities. It truly is one of the apps to have especially if you are aiming to shed a few pounds or live a healthy lifestyle.

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Top Kenyan Mobile Phones That You Should Be Looking To Own

It is quite surprising that something that was introduced to the world just a little less than 10 years ago has become an inevitable part of most people’s lives around the world. Smartphones are literally kicking out all other electronic gadgets out of our lives as they continue to improve and have more and more functions on them. You have thousands of options for mobile phones in Kenya to choose from but the phone you pick not only depends on the specifications you want but the budget you are carrying in your pocket.

The more money you are willing to spend the better mobile phone you will get. The latest mobile phones are always the most expensive ones for definite reasons. However, even the best mobile phones are not always equal. There are some great mobile phones in the new mobile phones that are released in any year and then there are phones that are even better. 2015 and 2016 have been two of the best years for smartphones since there were some great improvements made by their makers and the idea of smartphones started to really make sense to the giant makers of the industry.

Here are 3 of the best mobile phones that are worth every penny you spend on them. It can be said safely that you will not be going wrong by picking any of these phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the best mobile phones of 2016 so far as per the online comments about them. Experts and critics have agreed that Samsung has learned from its past experiences and listened to its customers this time by introducing literally all the features that consumers had always wanted from their favorite mobile phones. The first most amazing thing about both these phones is that they are waterproof so showering and swimming in shallow water with your S7 should not be a problem.

samsung galaxy s7

The design of the phone is beyond imagination. Samsung has to be given credit for making the phone look so beautiful by making literally unnoticeable changes to the design of its last year’s phone. The phone now comes with the removable card option that had been taken away from the consumers in last year’s edition. The batteries on the phones have also become better as S7 carries the 3000mAh battery whereas the S7 Edge carries an even bigger 3600mAh battery on it.

You get 4GB of RAM on the phones along with the latest and fastest Snapdragon 820 processor. Samsung has also improved on its RAM management which can be proved by looking at the latest tests done by some famous YouTubers. There is a 5.1 inch screen on its S7 model and a 5.5 inch screen on the S7 Edge model. Samsung has not introduced the varying sizes of these phones and has rather chosen the path of making the regular S7 smaller and the edge version of the same phone bigger.

The AMOLED screen is still the best with always-on display that has also received great praise for being really bright and visible even in daylight. If you don’t wish to insert the external MicroSD card on your phone you can use the slot for this card as a SIM slot so you can use 2 SIMs at the same time on your favorite mobile phone. You cannot go wrong with this phone because along with the rest of the world it is unarguably the best mobile phone in Kenya right now. The overall performance has also been praised in addition to the most amazing camera that this phone has.

IPhone 6S

It was quite disappointing for people who had recently bought the iPhone 6 mobile phone in Kenya. If they had waited just a little they could have gotten their hands on this phone. The reason why iPhone 6S demands to be among the best mobile phones is its great performance and the improvements in its materials. IPhone 6 had lots of complaints because of the weak aluminum that allowed the phone to bend and lose its original shape. The iPhone 6S has the sturdiest body according to the recent tests done on it.

iphone 6S

With iPhone 6S Apple has tried to improve its phone in all aspects. The company has felt the competition from its competitors and this is why they have introduced all the great options on this phone. First, this phone carries 2GB of RAM and a dual core processor with a small screen for iPhone 6S and bigger screen for iPhone 6S Plus. The A9 chips from Apple are some of the best and give phone the chance to outperform its competitor phones when it comes to speedy and snappy performance of the phone.

The camera on iPhone 6S has improved a great deal and if you want the most consistent camera on your smartphone, you would want to forget about all other mobile phones in Kenya and remember to buy only the iPhone 6S. IPhone 6 had received great criticism around the world because it could be bent out of shape easily but with the improved chassis the phone cannot be bent with bare hands. It must not go without mentioning that this was the first time Apple had come up with different sizes of its phone and the latest iPhone SE is an even more unique phone.

3D touch was another thing that made iPhone the best among latest mobile phones available in Kenya. While some people are really confused as to how useful the 3D touch on the phone is, some have been greatly thankful to the company for introducing this option. Pressing the screen on iPhone 6S lightly and then heavily allows the user to take two different actions on the phone. Lastly, if you compare the mobile phones with Android against iPhone 6S you will be surprised to know that iPhone still beats the best flagship phones from Samsung when it comes to single core performance.


This phone has faced great controversy since its arrival. Among the latest mobile phones this one has received the great bashing for its design. Most of the people have not been a great fan of the design and looks of the phone. However, if you ignore those parts you have a phone that is innovative and the most unique phone on the market today. The LG G5 is a unique mobile phone because it is LG’s first full metal flagship phone within the G series and it still allows you to swap the batteries when you want.


Better Camera

The bottom part of this phone can now be detached from the phone allowing you to swap the battery, add the camera module or enhance this mobile phone’s audio listening experience through its audio DAC module. The performance on this new mobile phone is no big deal because it carries the latest and most impressive processor from Qualcomm as of yet. The 820 processor is the best from Qualcomm right now and it is given even more power on the board with the addition of 4GB of RAM. This mobile phone’s optimization has received great admirations for LG from its consumers.

Top Battery

Along with a removable battery, this phone also allows you to add a MicroSD card in it. This is probably the only mobile phone in Kenya that allows you to swap batteries, add an external card and still be full metal. There has been some criticism on LG for changing its UI to the point that it had taken away the app tray from default settings. However, LG has introduced several different methods for its consumers to get back the app tray so their experience of the phone is still as smooth as before.

Fast SD Card

There is no doubt that LG has made the best mobile phones of the year when it comes to taking care of things that consumers want. Consumers wanted a swappable battery, an option for SD card and their favorite IR blaster on the phone. LG went ahead and made sure it did not compromise on these amazing features for just offering a metal phone. There are 2 cameras on this phone’s back with the 8MP wide angle camera being one of the most amazing cameras on any smartphone so far to take panorama shots without going into the panorama settings of the camera.


Which one is BEST

Samsung VS iPhone

For anyone looking to get a new mobile phone in Kenya, these phones should be on top of the list. The best thing about these phones is that they are not just good on paper. Their specifications are some of the best on the market and that’s why they make these phones the fastest in the market. Among these phones the LG G5 is the most affordable one while still offering all the great options and more. IPhone 6S is the most expensive phone out of the bunch but the most favorite and liked phone of the year so far has been the Samsung Galaxy S7.