Argus by Azumio: Your Mobile Health Watcher


E  ver wonder what it would be like to have a dietitian, nutritionist and trainer at the same time? Well, if you own an Apple device don’t have to look farther than the App Store . Introducing the Argus, which turns your iPhone into a health and fitness device as it monitors your daily activities. It sees to it that you get the right amount of calories, hydration, work outs and sleep. It checks your weight and vitals and gives you numerous bio-feedback which will definitely promote your well-being.

Argus by Azumio

Argus is a user friendly application with a well-designed interface. After registration, you are then taken to your timeline which contains an overview regarding your activities, food consumption and other details not only about today, but also in the past week. The design is that of a beehive, containing numerous honeycombs. Once you add more activities to your timeline, more of these honeycombs pop up. It gives you access to everything regarding the app, the settings, adding activities, your daily goals and an option to open the camera to take pictures.


The app tracks down numerous aspects of your daily life, which include the steps you have taken, the cups of coffee and water you drank, the time spent sleeping, running time and body weight. Argus makes use of the iPhone’s pedometer to record the number of steps you have taken, as well as the number of calories you have burned. When riding a bicycle, it uses the GPS to track your route and calculate the digits. You are also able to manually input the data for all the activities mentioned above. However, the app requires you to put your device into sleep mode by using the built-in lock button. However, if you close the app or turn the device off, Argus may not be able to track your activities but it does let you know by using the notifications feature.

The abovementioned information would be useless without the statistics to back them up. There are graphs with numerals that show how many steps you have taken daily. There is a predetermined 10,000 steps numeral on the top of the graph, but hey, I wish you the best of luck in reaching that goal. Argus gives you goals on walking, sleep and the amount of water consumed.

Social Networking

Argus by Azumio

Just about every application currently in the App Store, Argus gives you the option of sharing your stats online in social networking sites, primarily, Facebook. The app allows you to set your privacy settings, which fortunately gives you the option of whom to share the results with.

Overall, Argus is an awesome app to have, the downside however is that it isn’t really backed up by a doctor and the results are hardly scientifically valid, however, nothing beats it since it makes you more conscious with your health and daily activities. It truly is one of the apps to have especially if you are aiming to shed a few pounds or live a healthy lifestyle.

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