I am an award-winning novelist who currently writes as a freelance in the latest political magazine.  I have a good experience in European history as well, as social anthropology. I have earned myself good experience in digital journalism trying to tell stories that touch the common citizen deep in the village. I have great interests in politics and the judicially. I am trying to bring down the bridge that is between the rich and the poor.

There are some books and publications that I have written to sensitize people about their rights and realize what it takes to have a good leader. Also, I am specializing investigative journalism to shame the corrupt leaders in the state who have enriched themselves with public money. I give people the information that they deserve regarding quality and biases. Some of my work has featured in The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, BBC, and the Time Out London.

My publication talks about the different massacres that happen in the country, the hunger strike by prisons, refugee torture, and gender balance menace. Recently I have shifted my concentration to the tech world where I am exploiting the smartphone industry in the world. I am working with different brands to come up with good mobile phone reviews for the customers around the world.

I believe one of the basic things that we don’t lack is a smartphone in our pocket. This will go a long way in bringing you the best information that is specially suiting you throughout. Stay focused and try to talk to me on the contact page.


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