Blackberry Q10 Review: Tasting the Berry

Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10Blackberry has always been known as a dark horse in the consumer electronics company. Now with their latest smart phone, the Blackberry Q10 released last April, the company aims to compete with the bigwigs in the smart phone industry, notably Apple and Samsung. It has been able to keep up these guys, having approximately 80 million users in December 2012. It may not be a mainstream product, but it still is one of the best.

First off, the device is armed with the signature Blackberry Bold Series QWERTY keyboard (keyboard the same as the ones in your computer keyboard) with a 3.1 Super-AMOLED capacitive multi-touch display. It looks pretty neat and small compared to the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4. Let’s take a look at its dimensions and design, shall we?

Blackberry Q10   
What’s with the BlackBerry Q10 that Boasts a Superb Physical Keyboard?

Blackberry Q10

Height – 119.6 mm / 4.7 in
Width – 66.8 mm / 2.62 in
Depth – 10.35 mm / 0.40 in
Weight – 139 g

It is a few inches shorter, however, it is wider and deceptively thicker than its opponents in the electronics market. It is also a tad heavier, but despite this, it just feels solid and doesn’t have that weighty feeling when you hold it in your palm. The design pretty much feels like a traditional old Blackberry with its flat shape and smooth, rounded surface.

Resolution – 720 x 720 pixels-at 330 PPI, 24-bit color depth
Screen size – 3.1″ diagonal 1:1 aspect ratio
Keyboard – QWERTY

The screen size is a bit of a letdown, considering most smart phones today have larger screens However, it does pack a 720×720 resolution with 330 PPI, assuring you that the screen quality is nothing but phatagasmorical (which is just a fancy way of saying AWESOME). However, the smaller screen is backed up by the smooth, easy to use QWERTY keyboard, which means that you don’t have to text or type using the touch screen. I’m pretty sure still requires a lot of effort from touch screen users. The keyboard features auto-correction, next-word prediction and a personalized learning engine which makes the typing and texting experience effortless.

Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10 keyboard
BlackBerry Q10 For QWERTY diehards
Processor – Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 processor, 1.5 GHz dual-core
Memory – 16GB Storage, expandable up to 32 GB, 2GB RAM,
OS – Blackberry 10

Snappy. The best word to describe the Blackberry’s performance when browsing the Internet and switching through applications. Its processors are of great quality, while the memory might look a tad small, however, it can be expanded via a microSD card slot under the battery door. Speaking of the battery, it can stay up to 14 days of standby time and 13 hours of talk time, assuring you of its longevity. However, the major downside of the Q10 is the Operating System. Not because it’s buggy, flawed or too slow, but because the company has yet to provide the same multitude of applications its competitors like the Android and iOS offer. Sure, it can check your e-mail, browse Facebook and send tweets on Twitter, watch videos on YouTube, but still, there are a lot of things the company must to in order to provide better software and programs. Connectivity isn’t a problem as it is capable of WiFi, a mobile hotspot, cellular and Bluetooth connections.

BlackBerry Q10

Rear Camera – 8 megapixel auto-focus camera
Front Camera – 2 megapixels

The cameras of the Q10 may not give you that professional camera you desire, but it can still provide a shade of that. A decent 8 megapixels armed with a flash, 5x zoom and 1080p video recording is very satisfactory but not extraordinary. As for the front camera, the 2 megapixel secondary one is capable of zooming 3x and is capable of recording 720p videos, great for selfies and video calls.


Blackberry Pros & Cons
You Might Want to Check the User Reviews!
Overall, the Blackberry Q10 is a well-made, powered up machine great for people who aren’t really multimedia freaks. Blackberry has a huge fan base, and this smart phone is perfect for its legions of die-hard fans. It’s also great for people who are in the business side and prefer to use a QWERTY keyboard instead of a touch screen. The Q10′s potential audience is very specialized – meaning it isn’t really for everybody for the reason that it isn’t really a mainstream product. But still, it’s one of the most underrated and best smart phones currently in the market. It currently is priced at $199-$585 available on AT &T.

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Argus by Azumio: Your Mobile Health Watcher


E  ver wonder what it would be like to have a dietitian, nutritionist and trainer at the same time? Well, if you own an Apple device don’t have to look farther than the App Store . Introducing the Argus, which turns your iPhone into a health and fitness device as it monitors your daily activities. It sees to it that you get the right amount of calories, hydration, work outs and sleep. It checks your weight and vitals and gives you numerous bio-feedback which will definitely promote your well-being.

Argus by Azumio

Argus is a user friendly application with a well-designed interface. After registration, you are then taken to your timeline which contains an overview regarding your activities, food consumption and other details not only about today, but also in the past week. The design is that of a beehive, containing numerous honeycombs. Once you add more activities to your timeline, more of these honeycombs pop up. It gives you access to everything regarding the app, the settings, adding activities, your daily goals and an option to open the camera to take pictures.


The app tracks down numerous aspects of your daily life, which include the steps you have taken, the cups of coffee and water you drank, the time spent sleeping, running time and body weight. Argus makes use of the iPhone’s pedometer to record the number of steps you have taken, as well as the number of calories you have burned. When riding a bicycle, it uses the GPS to track your route and calculate the digits. You are also able to manually input the data for all the activities mentioned above. However, the app requires you to put your device into sleep mode by using the built-in lock button. However, if you close the app or turn the device off, Argus may not be able to track your activities but it does let you know by using the notifications feature.

The abovementioned information would be useless without the statistics to back them up. There are graphs with numerals that show how many steps you have taken daily. There is a predetermined 10,000 steps numeral on the top of the graph, but hey, I wish you the best of luck in reaching that goal. Argus gives you goals on walking, sleep and the amount of water consumed.

Social Networking

Argus by Azumio

Just about every application currently in the App Store, Argus gives you the option of sharing your stats online in social networking sites, primarily, Facebook. The app allows you to set your privacy settings, which fortunately gives you the option of whom to share the results with.

Overall, Argus is an awesome app to have, the downside however is that it isn’t really backed up by a doctor and the results are hardly scientifically valid, however, nothing beats it since it makes you more conscious with your health and daily activities. It truly is one of the apps to have especially if you are aiming to shed a few pounds or live a healthy lifestyle.

Video for the Argus app From Darryle Guarino:

A Sneak Peak on the “Wow Factor” of Nokia Lumia 1020


It’s now official Nokia Lumia 1020 will unleash its power and potential this month. Windows has revealed its latest flagship in mobile phones. This phone has a 41-megapixel camera making this the reason for the big upgrade from its previous Windows Nokia phone. It’s all about having a phone with a brilliant camera with a slim design. Nokia knows how to make phones that can meet the people’s needs. No doubt about that. Taking a photo and saving it will no longer be a problem.

Nokia Lumia 1020

lumia 1020
Nokia’s unveiled its New Lumia 1020
After months of rumor, with the codename Nokia EOS, Nokia Lumia 1020 is set to be released with price $299.99 on US market on July 26th. It will be exclusively distributed by At&T for a two year contract. This is another attempt of Nokia to get ahead of mobile competition. It was believed to give more emphasis on its impressive camera featuring a 41-megapixel Pureview 808sensor, 6-lens Zeiss optics, xenon flash and optical image stabilization. According to some researches, it will carry an AMOLED display on its 4.5 inch ultrasensitive touch screen. Its topper is made of Gorilla Glass 3- that makes it so new in the market. It has WXGA resolution, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, and 32GB of internal storage. It can capture still photos 38-megapixel in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. That’s an incredibly 4x zoom and up to 6x at 720p. Also, with the Nokia Lumia 1020, captured images will be enhanced as it contains built in editing functions.

Nokia Lumia 1020
What To Expect From The New Nokie Lumia 1020?
To further enhance the gadget’s aesthetic, Nokia also provides an extra battery, a casing, a shutter button and a tripod mount. Also, a leather wrist strap will make it more point-and-shoot-like. It’s a match for your DSLR camera.

kirf-nokia-lumia-1020-3Just to keep you out of too much excitement, it will be available in matte black, white and yellow. Lumia 1020 looks like the Lumia 920 for both have squared corners, guts and rounded spines. 1020 was molded from high-quality polycarbonate and a soft touch coating; its back is slightly curved and round edges can provide comfort while you are holding it. Also, 1020 is much lighter (0.4inch) than 920 despite its enormous camera.

We have been used to Android phones, however, you can’t deny that sometimes images failed to show what we expect it to be. Think you should ditch Android phone in favor of Lumia 1020? Well, the specs can speak for it.

Though in USA it will be exclusively distributed by AT&T, it will also be available to Europe by the end of September. It might be distributed by O2, Three and Phones 4 U. The new lumia contains the “wow factor” especially if you use your mobile phone in capturing images. Let’s just hope that despite the recent release of Verizon’s 928 variant, the market will respond to it positively.

It might sound surprising that Nokia is pricing its product on a high end category, but with all the features it provides, and the jump packed technology built in, $299 is a sure worthy investment. Lastly, If you don’t want to be in contract, you can get it for $699.

Currently, Nokia’s flagship smart phone is the Lumia 920, a fourth generation phone which runs the Windows 8 operating system and is the best-selling smart phone that runs the OS. It was released last November 2012 and since then, the Finnish mobile phone company has produced several variants; the Lumia 925 which is a thinner version with an aluminum body and a better camera and the Lumia 928, which can be acquired exclusively from Verizon in the United States. The phone has sold over 4.4 million in the last quarter of 2012 exceeding expectations. It has been a hit in Finland, Germany, UAE, China and Great Britain. The phone has received mostly positive views from critics and has garnered accolades from top technological media institutions.

Lumia 920kirf nokia lumia 1020

Just how good is this smart phone? Well, let’s list down the specs and analyze it.

CPU : 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Krait
GPU : Qualcomm Adreno 225
Memory : 1GB RAM
Storage : 32GB

The processor is no joke. It’s not quad-core but it’s pretty fast when using programs, surfing the net and playing games. Dual-core may not sound very appealing to those looking for pretty fast smart phones, but trust us, the Lumia 920 is up to the task. The storage capacity is at 32GB, however, its major drawback is the fact that the phone doesn’t have a microSD slot, limiting your file storage. As for its mass and design:

Dimensions : 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm, 99 cc (5.13 x 2.79 x 0.42 in) (11mm thick)
Weight : 185 grams
Display : 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches (~332 ppi)

One of the phone’s major setbacks and source of criticism is that it is pretty heavy and thick, in direct contrast with all smart phone manufacturers who are doing valiant efforts to make their smart phones light and thin. However, despite the bulk, the phone still carries an impressive punch and would easily fit on your pocket. The phone’s polycarbonate shell epitomizes protection. It is very scratch resistant. The same is true with the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screen. The display is a top-quality, high 768×1280 resolution LCD touch screen with 332 ppi (pixels per inch). The bottom of the phone holds the microUSB slot along with the loudspeakers and microphones while the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and microSIM slot is located at the top. The right side of the phone has three buttons, the volume button, the lock/unlock key and the camera button which is a pretty nifty feature to activate the camera even if the phone is in its sleep mode. Above the display sits the 1.3 MP secondary camera and some of its sensors while the primary 8 MP camera is at the back along with the dual LED flash. Speaking of the devil, let’s talk about the camera.

Features : 8 megapixels, can take photos at 16:9 (3264×2448 pixels) and 4:3 (3552×2000) ratios., Carl Zeiss Optics, Optical Image Stabilization, PureView, autofocus
Videos : 1080p videos at 30fps, video stabilization

Nokia Lumia 1020Lumia 920 – high quality photosHands-down, the Lumia 920 possesses one of the best cameras in the market. The phone takes great night pictures and is like a handy point-and-shoot camera. It can take great, scenic photos and it comes with Lenses, an application that allows users to choose the visual effects they want. Speaking of applications.

The phone hosts a LOT of features and acquirable applications. It has all the basic utilities like an Alarm clock, Calendar and Calculator. It also allows you to check and edit your documents via a free Windows Office viewer which can be synched with a computer. There are also tons of apps and games available in the Windows Phone Store (but not as many as Apple and Google Play, but is growing by the minute). As for the battery, it may last 400 hours of standby time, 10 hours of talk time and 67 hours of music playback.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 920 may not be as mainstream as the iPhone and Galaxy Series. However, it still packs a tremendous array of features beneath its polycarbonate casing. It might be the shining luminescent smart phone you’re looking for.

iPhone 4s contracts

apple iphone 4s

iphone 4s iPhone 4S contracts are the most popular of the contract agreements between the mobile phone service providers and the customers who have, or want to have these smart phones. The iPhone contracts usually come with the option for the customer to receive a cheap iphone, for signing an agreement that will last between 12 and 24 months.

A cheaper iphone sounds  pretty good, and if all you have to do is sign an iPhone 4s contract to be afforded the option of receiving a brand new, still in the package, smart phone, then the offer sounds even better. However, whilst signing up for a 4s on contract does mean that the phone will cost you a lot less than if you bought just the handset it will still be fairly expensive compared to general smartphone contracts in the UK. That is actually all the mobile phone service companies will expect of you, in order for them to give you a cheap new 4s iphone.

iPhone 4s contract comparison image

4s iPhone contracts mean that you will use the same provider for at least a period of 12 months and up to 24 months depending on what contract you go for, without changing to another provider. Therefore, the company that provides the service will definitely be making money from the agreement, because they will get a customer whom they know they will have for up to the next twenty-four months. These are like guaranteed income that they know they can count on. So offering cheap iPhone contrcats is not a risk to the company at all.

iPhone 4s Contract Deals

You are more than likely thinking that you understand the company would be happy when customers signed iPhone 4s contract deals, but that company still had to pay for the device they are giving away. More than likely you are convinced that the company will be inflating the monthly cost of its iPhone 4s deals to offset the price they paid for the smartphone from Apple. You have a valid point with these concerns, as most of the time that is exactly how things work in the world of smart phones.

iPhone 4s contract deals image

In fast food resiphone 4staurants, they frequently offer children’s meals that include free toys. If you actually add up the amount you would pay if you had ordered the items in the meal separately you will notice that you are actually paying more for the meal deal, than you would, if you ordered separately. This means the toy your child is about to receive, is not free or complimentary, and you are paying for it. The meal price is inflated to compensate the owner, for the toy they included in the meal. The same applies to buying your iPhone 4s on contract. you may be much better off financially buying a 4s on a pay as you go plan or consider buying an iPhone 4s sim free plan that you can then use with an unlocked 4s and there are some great deals when you look at these different options for the iPhone 4s.

Compare iPhone 4s Contracts for the Best Deals

When you sign an iPhone 4s contract you will only be getting the best deal if you have done your research in advance. The price of the service for someone receiving the smart phone is the same as the price of the service for someone who owns their own phone. The difference is that people who own their own devices do not have to commit to the iPhone 4s contracts. They can sign agreements that last for only twelve months, or eighteen months, or no set number of months if they go for a pay as you go iPhone 4s instead of a contract option. They can have the freedom to change service carriers more frequently than those who sign 12, 18 or 24-month iPhone 4s contracts, and receive a cheaper phone, do.

When you sign 24-month iPhone contracts, and you break the contract you will be charged the full price for the device you were given. These prices will more than likely be slightly more than the price you would have paid, if you purchased the phone outright in the beginning. This is not because the cell phone service provider is being greedy, it is because you have defaulted on an agreement, and they have to recover the losses they are going to suffer because of your decision.

Therefore, even if you only had one or two months left on the agreement, you would be charged the entire price of the phone. When you sign 24-month iPhone contracts with the service providers, it is financially wisest, if you honor the terms of the agreement.

Therefore, you are thinking that your situation may change after you sign the best iPhone contract, and you may need to lower your monthly cost. You could also discover that you did not get the right number of minutes for the talk features or the text features. Maybe you need far more GB, than you thought you would, or maybe you got the unlimited amount of GB, only to discover that you will not use 5GB in a month. Now you are locked into 24-month iPhone contracts that are no longer right for you.

Actually, the service provider only wants you to remain their loyal customer for a period of twenty-four months in exchange for that free phone. They never said that you could not adjust the agreement, during those twenty-four months. So if you find yourself needing to reduce the amount you pay each month, you can call the service provider and get the number of talk minutes you have available each month reduced, or the amount of text messages you have available to send or receive reduced, or reduce the number of GB you can use each month.

It is just as okay, if you need to increase the number of any of these items. You can add insurance coverage to protectapple iphone 4s you, should your phone become lost, stolen, or broken. You can add phone lines and include another phone on the plan you pay for each month. if you find that a new iPhone 4s is a little expensive for you then consider an iPhone 4 contract as a great alternative as the cost is quite a bit cheaper. The options, to the way that you can customize these contracts, are almost limitless. As long as you stay with the same provider, they will allow all the changes, and the smart phone they gave you free at the beginning of the contract, will remain free to you.

Top Kenyan Mobile Phones That You Should Be Looking To Own

It is quite surprising that something that was introduced to the world just a little less than 10 years ago has become an inevitable part of most people’s lives around the world. Smartphones are literally kicking out all other electronic gadgets out of our lives as they continue to improve and have more and more functions on them. You have thousands of options for mobile phones in Kenya to choose from but the phone you pick not only depends on the specifications you want but the budget you are carrying in your pocket.

The more money you are willing to spend the better mobile phone you will get. The latest mobile phones are always the most expensive ones for definite reasons. However, even the best mobile phones are not always equal. There are some great mobile phones in the new mobile phones that are released in any year and then there are phones that are even better. 2015 and 2016 have been two of the best years for smartphones since there were some great improvements made by their makers and the idea of smartphones started to really make sense to the giant makers of the industry.

Here are 3 of the best mobile phones that are worth every penny you spend on them. It can be said safely that you will not be going wrong by picking any of these phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the best mobile phones of 2016 so far as per the online comments about them. Experts and critics have agreed that Samsung has learned from its past experiences and listened to its customers this time by introducing literally all the features that consumers had always wanted from their favorite mobile phones. The first most amazing thing about both these phones is that they are waterproof so showering and swimming in shallow water with your S7 should not be a problem.

samsung galaxy s7

The design of the phone is beyond imagination. Samsung has to be given credit for making the phone look so beautiful by making literally unnoticeable changes to the design of its last year’s phone. The phone now comes with the removable card option that had been taken away from the consumers in last year’s edition. The batteries on the phones have also become better as S7 carries the 3000mAh battery whereas the S7 Edge carries an even bigger 3600mAh battery on it.

You get 4GB of RAM on the phones along with the latest and fastest Snapdragon 820 processor. Samsung has also improved on its RAM management which can be proved by looking at the latest tests done by some famous YouTubers. There is a 5.1 inch screen on its S7 model and a 5.5 inch screen on the S7 Edge model. Samsung has not introduced the varying sizes of these phones and has rather chosen the path of making the regular S7 smaller and the edge version of the same phone bigger.

The AMOLED screen is still the best with always-on display that has also received great praise for being really bright and visible even in daylight. If you don’t wish to insert the external MicroSD card on your phone you can use the slot for this card as a SIM slot so you can use 2 SIMs at the same time on your favorite mobile phone. You cannot go wrong with this phone because along with the rest of the world it is unarguably the best mobile phone in Kenya right now. The overall performance has also been praised in addition to the most amazing camera that this phone has.

IPhone 6S

It was quite disappointing for people who had recently bought the iPhone 6 mobile phone in Kenya. If they had waited just a little they could have gotten their hands on this phone. The reason why iPhone 6S demands to be among the best mobile phones is its great performance and the improvements in its materials. IPhone 6 had lots of complaints because of the weak aluminum that allowed the phone to bend and lose its original shape. The iPhone 6S has the sturdiest body according to the recent tests done on it.

iphone 6S

With iPhone 6S Apple has tried to improve its phone in all aspects. The company has felt the competition from its competitors and this is why they have introduced all the great options on this phone. First, this phone carries 2GB of RAM and a dual core processor with a small screen for iPhone 6S and bigger screen for iPhone 6S Plus. The A9 chips from Apple are some of the best and give phone the chance to outperform its competitor phones when it comes to speedy and snappy performance of the phone.

The camera on iPhone 6S has improved a great deal and if you want the most consistent camera on your smartphone, you would want to forget about all other mobile phones in Kenya and remember to buy only the iPhone 6S. IPhone 6 had received great criticism around the world because it could be bent out of shape easily but with the improved chassis the phone cannot be bent with bare hands. It must not go without mentioning that this was the first time Apple had come up with different sizes of its phone and the latest iPhone SE is an even more unique phone.

3D touch was another thing that made iPhone the best among latest mobile phones available in Kenya. While some people are really confused as to how useful the 3D touch on the phone is, some have been greatly thankful to the company for introducing this option. Pressing the screen on iPhone 6S lightly and then heavily allows the user to take two different actions on the phone. Lastly, if you compare the mobile phones with Android against iPhone 6S you will be surprised to know that iPhone still beats the best flagship phones from Samsung when it comes to single core performance.


This phone has faced great controversy since its arrival. Among the latest mobile phones this one has received the great bashing for its design. Most of the people have not been a great fan of the design and looks of the phone. However, if you ignore those parts you have a phone that is innovative and the most unique phone on the market today. The LG G5 is a unique mobile phone because it is LG’s first full metal flagship phone within the G series and it still allows you to swap the batteries when you want.


Better Camera

The bottom part of this phone can now be detached from the phone allowing you to swap the battery, add the camera module or enhance this mobile phone’s audio listening experience through its audio DAC module. The performance on this new mobile phone is no big deal because it carries the latest and most impressive processor from Qualcomm as of yet. The 820 processor is the best from Qualcomm right now and it is given even more power on the board with the addition of 4GB of RAM. This mobile phone’s optimization has received great admirations for LG from its consumers.

Top Battery

Along with a removable battery, this phone also allows you to add a MicroSD card in it. This is probably the only mobile phone in Kenya that allows you to swap batteries, add an external card and still be full metal. There has been some criticism on LG for changing its UI to the point that it had taken away the app tray from default settings. However, LG has introduced several different methods for its consumers to get back the app tray so their experience of the phone is still as smooth as before.

Fast SD Card

There is no doubt that LG has made the best mobile phones of the year when it comes to taking care of things that consumers want. Consumers wanted a swappable battery, an option for SD card and their favorite IR blaster on the phone. LG went ahead and made sure it did not compromise on these amazing features for just offering a metal phone. There are 2 cameras on this phone’s back with the 8MP wide angle camera being one of the most amazing cameras on any smartphone so far to take panorama shots without going into the panorama settings of the camera.


Which one is BEST

Samsung VS iPhone

For anyone looking to get a new mobile phone in Kenya, these phones should be on top of the list. The best thing about these phones is that they are not just good on paper. Their specifications are some of the best on the market and that’s why they make these phones the fastest in the market. Among these phones the LG G5 is the most affordable one while still offering all the great options and more. IPhone 6S is the most expensive phone out of the bunch but the most favorite and liked phone of the year so far has been the Samsung Galaxy S7.

HTC Rhyme Contracts

HTC Rhyme

HTC   has been a worldwide leader in cell phone technology, and with smartphones becoming all in one devices, HTC has taken that approach but focused more on the music side of things with their release of the HTC Rhyme smartphone. Sold with specialized headphones, it’s easy to see why this is geared toward the music lover in all of us and is one of the most popular choices amongst the HTC smartphone contracts. It also comes with a docking station to play your music to a wider audience. The smartphone itself is a pocket sized, with a 3.7 inch screen to surf through your music library or perhaps look up some potential new tracks online. Even though the smartphone is built with a single processor, it’s a very fast 1 GHz that will make it lightning fast surfing just the phone or on the Internet. It’s sleek design keeps it one of the thinnest smartphone out there, able to pack 4 gigabytes into it’s thin one piece design. There is even an expansion microSD slot for added memory if necessary.

Best Deals for Contracts on the HTC Rhyme

HTC Rhyme

More Compatibility is Just One Thing You Can Expect From the Best Contract with a HTC.
The camera offers 5 megapixel captures for both picture and movie mode, and with the different connection options, you can wirelessly stream media to your TV through DLNA. The HTC Rhyme is a smartphone, but more of a condensed smartphone. It offers easy use of the Internet, GPS, many of the basic smartphone features but in a smaller package. While not as powerful as some of it’s competitors or even other HTC phones, the Rhyme can be purchased for a much cheaper price, and maintained on a monthly contract usually cheaper than other smartphones out on the market. It won’t have as much heavy use when compared to other smartphones and will have less data usage back and forth. Because of this, a monthly contract will be less expensive than one of it’s closely related products. Less data usage will result in less to pay for. Getting an HTC Rhyme on contract can be a great alternative or entrance into the world of smartphones. The Rhyme is primarily focused on the music side of smartphones, and while the HTC Rhyme could be a heavy downloading device, it will be easy to control and keep under control. If the user is looking for more with a smartphone, an upgrade to another HTC phone is easy to do, because the operating software is similar on all their smartphones.

HTC Rhyme-3When Samsung first entered the smartphone market, their first major product was the Samsung Galaxy which is available on contract. This smartphone helped establish and become the staple of the Samsung contract phones product line. It helped launch multiple Galaxy models, and a mobile tablet line as an offshoot. The Galaxy became to Samsung what the iPhone was to Apple. The mention of the Galaxy phone always was associated with Samsung, and soon became one with the brand name when it came to mobile phones.

Samsung got started with smartphones by joining the Open Handset Alliance. The Open Handset Alliance was founded by Google with the intention of having electronics industry leaders in agreement that they would have open standards on the mobile electronic devices they were creating. Open standards basically means that code would be open source, and allow for integration amongst different brands for hardware and software. This combination of hardware or software is commonly referred to as Android. Samsung’s first smartphone, the Galaxy, was launched with this mindset. The hardware boasted a 40 gigabyte storage, almost unheard of for something so large in a mobile phone. Along with the amount of memory, a user had a 5 megapixel camera with built in flash, along with Wifi and GPS capabilities. This phone was a huge splash into the smartphone market, and it wasn’t because of the size of the phone. The smartphone wasn’t any larger than any of it’s competitors.

Get The Best Deals on Samsung Galaxy Contracts

By browsing through the deal finder and comparison tables on this Website you can make it much easier to get a great deal on a Samsung Galaxy on contract from any of the Uk mobile phone networks.

HTC RhymeSince the Galaxy smartphone was using Android software, and this software was originally developed by Google, it came preloaded with a variety of different Google applications and features. Basically whatever a user would do on a computer machine with Google, they could now do in the palm of their hand. Samsung was able to put the phone on a couple of different providers, so users were quick to secure a Samsung Galaxy on contract. The price of the phone was comparable to that of the iPhone, and the service providers were left to duke it out when it came to minutes and data usage. The Galaxy was able to surf the Internet with ease, able to browse, download music or video, or watch online clips with no problem. Depending on the contract, it would allocate a certain amount of data usage to enjoy all this. Perhaps the best part of this was the ability to view and surf on such a large, crystal clear touch screen.

The Galaxy was just the beginning for Samsung. As mentioned before, it has helped launch different models such as the Galaxy S on contract based on the Galaxy series, appealing to a wide range of customers of Samsung. The Galaxy S was soon updated with the launch of the Galaxy S2 on contract which has been Samsung’s most successful handset to date. This crown may possibly be taken by the Galaxy Note which is the latest addition to the Galaxy Family. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus on contract is likely to be avery popular smartphone throughout 2012. Also the tablet is based off the Galaxy hardware, just improved for its size. The future looks bright for Samsung. With a reliable product, the consumer just needs to find the service provider and plan to take advantage of the Galaxy or any of it’s offshoots. With constant improvements and features with each new model, it’s easy to see why securing a monthly contract with a Samsung product is a great idea.

Samsung Galaxy S2 contracts

Unroot Samsung Galaxy S2

While it seemed Samsung had peaked with their Galaxy S, they wouldn’t be complacent. Samsung released the Galaxy S2 in February of 2011, with a radically different look and improved hardware. At the time of it’s release, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of if not the slimmest smartphone on the market. It also lost it’s curves, going for a more angular design with rounded edges. Along with this Samsung increased the screen size, going up to 4.3 inches in viewing capability. But inside, there was large difference as well. Samsung added an extra processer, along with doubling the RAM to a gigabyte. The camera got upgraded as well, at 8 megapixels and a standard flash on all models, and an included front camera for video phone calls or conferences. There was also HDMI output supported to help display the high definition media it records. The battery was also replaceable, and giving up to 10 hours of heavy use out of it. Samsung upgraded the screen material to Gorilla Glass, a high impact and scratch resistant with a coating to help reduce fingerprints.

Many of the things users got comfortable with in terms of software and functionality were still found on this new model. But since the processor became dual core, there was a new opportunity to add new features to be able to take advantage of the capabilities. Games suddenly became more in-depth graphically, allowing for a more in game experience as well. Also there is a widget to help connect you to music, the Samsung Music Hub which gives you access to over 13 million different tracks. But while the Galaxy S2 helps appeal to the creative side of people, it is also very business orientated.

Galaxy S2 Contract Phones Compatibility and Features

Samsung Galaxy S2

It comes ready to synch with Microsoft Exchange to securely retrieve and send emails. Along with secure email, you can synch it with other applications and phones, all configured with high security. There is also a VPN connection built in by Cisco. The VPN allows to remotely connect via a safe, encrypted network connection to any device configured. So with the Samsung Galaxy S2, a user can have his phone for business and pleasure. Besides these special features, the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with the standards such as 3G, Wifi, and Bluetooth connections, connectors, GPS, and video playback codecs. You can ensure that you won’t be missing out on anything with this device.
Like the Galaxy before and other phones, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy S2 to multiple telephone providers, allowing them to target a wide audience. The variants saw minor differences among them. The Galaxy S2 had many positive reviews, many critics calling the smartphone the best one yet. Securing one of the Samsung Galaxy S2 deals on any of the networks will be a great investment, especially a long term one as Galaxy upgrades the software routinely. You’ll be getting a way to stay close to our friends, to the office, all for a reasonable monthly price.

Samsung offer a range of great mobile phones available on a variety of contract plans. They are one of the most popular smartphones on contract that are available in the UK. Samsung contract mobile phones have proved very popular with UK consumers. The range of mobile manufactured by Samsung include the massively popular Samsung Galaxy range of mobile phones as well as new models such as the Samsung Nexus.

Samsung have recently taken over from Apple as the leading retailer of smartphones worldwide. This is in a large part due to the broad range of mobile phones that they offer. Samsung contracts are available at a variety of price points depending on the particular mobile in question nd the contract package that you opt for.

To get a new samsung mobile phone on contract simply browse the available handsets and then select the contract plan that most suits you. All of the contracts are makable monthly and run for a minimum of 12 months. the longer the contract that you sign up to the cheaper the initial cost of the handset.

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Use our nice and clear comparison table to compare the features and costs across all of the available samsung contracts. You can compare either specification for individual phones and you can compare one samsung mobile phone against another as well as compare a samsung mobile against a mobile from a different manufacturer. this gives you total comparison flexibility and hopefully will make it easier to identify the best deals that might suit you when you look for a new samsung on contract mobile phone.

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The latest smartphone to be released by Samsung is the Galaxy nexus. This feature packed smartphone is likely to be a huge hit. It is available on a number of contract plans. To view the various Samsung Galaxy Nexus contracts visit that section. Before the nexus was released the most popular smartphone from Samsung was the Galaxy S. You can view the variety of samsung galaxy s contracts on our Galaxy S page. For those looking for an even more advanced smartphone then a popular choice is the Galaxy S2. There are a number of Samsung Galaxy S2 contracts available as well and of course you can view them in our S2 contracts section.

Unroot Samsung Galaxy S2

For those who want to buy a samsung smartphone but do not want to pay a premium price for the very latest handset there are some great deals available on the original Samsung Galaxy handset. You can still get Samsung Galaxy contract smartphones and the price is very attractive. The original galaxy is one of the phones we feature in our cheap smartphone contracts section along with a range of other cheaper smartphone handsets.